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Kubota Tractor M-9540

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Code : M-9540
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The M9540 comes equipped with a 3.7 Liter (230 cu in) engine producing 98.7 horsepower @ 2,600 rpm.Compared to the average utility tractor which produces 93 horsepower, this model produces 98.7 hp, ...

NOI_DUNG_M9540_TAWith 2 lifting handles sheathed nân 3 compartments connected device can lift device between the cavity volume of up to 2.5 kg. pumping intensity increased 64.3 liters / minute, lifting equipment enables faster connection compartment in just 2:41 seconds

Exceptional with the front wheel chassis rigidity
Wheel hub design sealed to prevent water, dust and dirt. There are big powerful structure, good strength to withstand, can move cross any terrain, in addition to the wheel hub teeth and teeth are oblique to increase energy for plant operation

Exceptional with a smooth system of rapid
With the next 8 and 8 reverse gears, shifting without having to stand back, can be adjusted accordingly on every terrain, help work proceed more quickly, more efficiently
No need to clutch, speed backward and forward the same to help work progress more rapidly, suitable for regular work to be carried back

3-point hook lift
Type I & II 3-point hook lift with a link adjustment, turn the key and check the chain raise the bar for assembly faster and easier than farming tools entail close behind. Lifting capacity of 1900kg at the end of the bar is associated with the cross-linking bar.

Scroll bar system can be installed and removed needed without having to stop the machine, increasing the autonomy and safety, particularly in the steep points

System shock absorbing front wheels automatically: during operation, while the front wheels move straight, automatic key automatically locks the front wheels, the more possibilities to enhance the operation of the front wheel, effective high on the job
Cone systems: wet type driven by hydraulic cone extends the life of disk, to help light up the branches in the clutch operation can spin all day without tiring and without freedom regular mode,

Brakes: brake discs dipped in oil, controlled by hydraulic pedal enables gentle beat.

Exceptional with trendy designs
With perfect design from front to back to make a difference chic, eye-catching design with curved arches

Spacious cockpit
Comfortable, working continuously for long, adjustable seat cushion, anti squirrel soft support. In addition, the joystick is designed to help regulate the tractor and the equipment more convenient connection compartment

Electronic dashboard
Displaying the speed and uptime of the machine correctly, visible legible even in the dark

Power steering
Sure, light can be adjusted higher as you wish

Kubota is a brand customers can trust in Vietnam's agricultural sector

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+84 939 100 331
+84 939 100 331